Hazardous Residential Driveway Lifted, Clean and Quick Expert Solution

March 28, 2021
Level concrete slab in front of garage

Over 3″ of settling on this Lakeville, Minnesota residential driveway led to major trip, car and bike entry/exit hazards, especially for the homeowner’s children. Expert Concrete Raising provided a competitive bid and was able to provide a long-term solution.

With various safety and car concerns, our team jumped into action and provided a full site assessment. Once awarded the bid, we focused on using a high-density 3lb polyurethane foam to raise the concrete driveway back to its original height. A polyurethane sealant was also added between the driveway and garage floor.

All work was completed within 4 hours with extra attention paid to any potential mess that could be made during or after the project. Homeowners were able to use the driveway immediately and the work was safely completed, without a mess, the same day. The driveway is now safe for cars and most importantly the homeowners, their children, and guests/neighbors.

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