Heavy equipment machine shop, stable polyurethane solutions

April 6, 2020
Raising concrete in a machine shop with stable polurethane

When managing heavy equipment, a stable and secure environment is critical. With expensive equipment throughout a client’s machine shop, Expert Concrete Raising was called in to ensure a collapse wasn’t imminent.

Upon inspection, a 1-3″ void was found beneath the surface and required immediate attention. A series of holes were drilled and a high-density, slow-reacting 4 lb polyurethane foam was injected into the holes, penetrating the surface below. What’s unique about this choice is that the foam selected travels at a greater distance and therefore penetrated the loose, sandy soil before it reacted. This process created dense soil and allowed for the void to be filled, thus creating a level and safe operating floor.

Understanding time is money, concrete services were provided during the machine shop’s “off” hours, ensuring operations could continue, uninterrupted.

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