Major Warehouse Floor Raising & Leveling

February 15, 2021
Warehouse floor raising project

This 10,000 square foot warehouse had over 4″ of settled concrete, causing stability, safety and overall operational longevity concerns. Expert Concrete Raising was able to tackle this mammoth area with prime precision and expert detail.

This warehouse in St. Paul, Minnesota had areas that settled over 4″ and instability in various parts of the building. Due to the extremely unlevel and unsafe area, tenants of the building were not able to install a pallet racking system that was necessary for operations. Office areas within the warehouse were also extremely unlevel with large gaps between partition walls.

After formal inspection, we believed the issue to be a combined result of poor compaction of the soil during original concrete installation and decomposition of organic material used beneath the concrete.

Over the course of five (5) days, we used a 3lb high-density polyurethane foam to raise the entire floor back to its original height. With a project of this size, careful consideration was given to the operation and precision of foam injection sites. Due to our ability to navigate a project of this scale, work was completed during business hours to avoid additional after-hours costs or security measures, and expectations were exceeded, showcasing our true expertise in concrete raising for areas of any size.

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