Major Warehouse Slab Stabilization/Slab Curling using Polyurethane Raisin

March 20, 2021
Warehouse slab being raised

When a highly utilized, major commercial warehouse experienced uneven concrete slabs both safety and productivity were in jeopardy. Expert Concrete Raising completed the job in one day and allowed the client to operate around the impacted area resulting in zero productivity loss nor operational downtime.

In this 75,000+ square foot warehouse with various buildings and wings, forklifts consistently traveled over concrete where slabs were rocking back and forth damaging the joints. Upon initial inspection by our team, we found significant slab curling that occurred when the original concrete was cured. Slab curling is primarily caused by the difference in temperature and moisture between the top and bottom surfaces of the concrete during the curing process. There are two solutions to remedy an issue like this – remove and replace the concrete which will cause significant operational downtime OR stabilize the curling concrete slabs using high-density polyurethane foam.

Our client chose to stabilize the concrete slabs. In order to do so, 5/8″ holes were drilled around the 450 linear square foot perimeter of the impacted area. A 4lb slow-rising polyurethane foam was injected into the holes to fill each void and stabilize the area. Areas were marked off and completed in one day, allowing the client to operate around the repair and avoid production downtime.

After the repairs were complete, a forklift was driven over the repaired areas to ensure concrete slabs did not shift and that the job was a success.

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