Why Polyurethane Foam Lifting is FAR Superior To Mudjacking

October 31, 2022
Residential concrete patio with void filled

For nearly a century, mudjacking has been a go-to when it comes to ensuring the integrity of residential concrete. Though it has been a common method for concrete raising, it’s not a permanent and reliable solution.

Expert Concrete Raising’s polyurethane foam lifting method helps customers keep their concrete safe and looking good longer, and its benefits don’t end there. The process is simply a cost-effective, efficient, and universal solution for Minnesotans.

Drawbacks of Mudjacking

Concrete levels are tested by many factors, ranging from the elements of changing seasons to the type of soil in your area. If located in a northern climate, mudjacking could cause more problems than it fixes.

Mudjacking requires drilling invasive holes a minimum of one inch into already damaged concrete slabs. The large holes have a wet slurry mixture pumped through them which forces material beneath the slabs raising them back to position.  The wet slurry mixture does not fill all the voids, leaving cavities for water to wash out soil and re-settle.

Though the process sounds easy, it continues to have drawbacks as the slurry mixture can weigh up to 150 lbs per cubic foot.  Does adding more weight to compromised soil sound like a good idea to you?  This ultimately defeats the purpose of seeking out concrete raising in the first place.  In addition to the weight, the slurry mixture never completely dries, leaving it susceptible to freezing during the winter, causing heaves and cracking the slabs.

The slurry itself is also not waterproof, leaving itself open to a beating courtesy of the Midwest freeze/thaw cycles. The material will soon shrink, erode, and eventually break down. This will cause the sinking cycle to continue if there is no proper drainage or if the cracks and joints are not properly sealed.

Polyurethane Foam Lifting – The Expert Solution

Much like a good defense or a running game in football, polyurethane foam will travel and hold up to pressure. In addition to being non-toxic and environmentally safe, polyurethane is also a hydrophobic material, meaning it tends to repel and not mix with water and will not be susceptible to deterioration or wash away with the elements.

It will soak into the loose soil and help compact it, making it durable and repellent against the elements to ensure its longevity. Its process, though similar in some parts to mudjacking, is much less invasive and much more efficient.

The holes drilled are 3/8″ and the material weighs 3 lbs per cubic foot, keeping the added weight on the soil to a minimum. The foam takes just 15 minutes to reach full strength, making it ideal for those high-traffic areas.

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Whether it’s residential, commercial city, or county, don’t use mudjacking as a bandage. Instead, let Expert Concrete Raising show you how we earn our name. Our polyurethane foam has yielded high-quality results over the years and will get the job done right the first time. Contact Us Today!