Residential Front Stoop Concrete Raised with Polyurethane Foam

March 7, 2021
Residential concrete walkway level

First impressions matter, as does safety, and this Maplewood, Minnesota concrete front stoop was in need of repair in both categories. Expert Concrete Raising was proud to provide a sound solution that gave this front entry the attention it deserved.

The front stoop on this home had settled significantly, leaving a large slope and unsightly gap between the stoop/brick. Water build-up was also evident where the stoop met the sidewalk causing additional issues.

Using a high density 3lb polyurethane foam, the concrete on the front stoop was raised 2″. A couple of sections of the sidewalk were also raised the same amount. With the height restored, there was no longer a gap between the stoop/brick and therefore the drainage/water build-up issue was also resolved.

A polyurethane foam sealant was applied between the stoop/brick to prevent water absorption into the bricks.

The homeowners were left with a safe and visually appealing front entry that will hold up during all four Minnesota seasons.

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