Residential Neighborhood Concrete Issues Raised, Together

April 28, 2021
Residential concrete walkway raised

While raising a neighbor’s concrete in the same neighborhood of Prior Lake, Minnesota, this homeowner reached out with similar concrete settling issues on their front sidewalk/step. With a very appealing front entry that was met with concrete safety and appearance issues, Expert Concrete Raising provided timely services to both homeowners.

The front entry had settled nearly 5″, which caused a dangerous trip hazard for the homeowners and visitors. The front step was also very large and not in compliance with building code. With a significant height difference of 5″ between both steps and an extremely unlevel surface, a repair needed to occur.

We used a high-density 3lb polyurethane foam to raise the concrete. A polyurethane sealant was also applied in the broken control joints of the sidewalk and between the step/stoop to minimize water intrusion beneath the concrete. The entire repair took just under 2 hours and the site was left clean, and trip-free.

This beautiful home now has the entry it deserves and a safe solution for years to come.

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