St. Paul Pedestrian Bridge Approach Repair

March 27, 2021
Saint Paul pedestrian bridge approach being repaired

New construction doesn’t always mean proper construction – and this newly constructed pedestrian bridge in St. Paul, Minnesota was a prime example. Expert Concrete Raising was quick to assess and properly raise this critical transportation area for walkers, bicyclists and pedestrians alike. With a very short repair period, Expert Concrete Raising raised the approach and created a reliable outdoor solution that will hold up year-round, even in frigid winter temperatures.

While only two months since construction, this pedestrian bridge settled nearly 2″ due to the fill used to build up the grade. During the inspection, it was clear that the over 10′ of fill was not compacted properly and/or the soils used for the project were not compatible. In addition, the concrete slab poured over the soil was nearly 2 feet thick and extremely heavy, which even further compacted the already volatile base.

With short notice and only a few hours to complete the repair given paving schedules for areas that led up to the bridge already on the books, we stepped into action quickly. A 3lb high-density polyurethane foam was used to raise the area. Due to the significant weight of the original concrete slab, our foam injection positively addressed settling issues by further compacting the soil underneath while it was being injected. This pressure and injection will prevent any future settling.

The overall project was able to stay on track, and pedestrians now have a safe and secure area for years to come.

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