Case Study: Voids/Collapsed Basement Floor

January 11, 2023
Residential basement floor with void filled

We were called by a Minneapolis homeowner to evaluate her basement floor after it settled while a plumber was repairing the main sewer line. While the plumber was jackhammering/demoing concrete the rest of the floor settled/dropped approximately 3″. Upon inspection, we were able to look beneath the floor and see a consistent 3″-4″ void beneath the entire basement floor.

Voids like this are common in homes in Minneapolis. These voids are caused by settling soils and organic soils that decompose over time. Our solution, raise the settled area and fill the voids with high-density Polyurethane foam.

This floor was raised back to its original height, and the voids were filled to provide support and prevent future settling. This repair was completed in 1 day and had minimal interruption to help the homeowner get their basement back.

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