Employee safety and warehouse operations optimized

April 5, 2020
Outdoors of warehouse concrete being raised

As with any warehouse operations, basic concrete surfaces and service areas can shift over time, depending on the initial pour and construction. This was the case with a St. Paul, Minnesota client that had a 3-6″ void beneath the concrete in their loading docks. Such a large gap resulted in the shifting of concrete slabs during forklift operations.

With an emphasis on employee safety and minimal downtime, Expert Concrete Raising strategically tackled this concrete project in one day. A series of holes were drilled into the impacted area. High density, slow-reacting 4 lb polyurethane foam was specifically utilized for the job and injected in order to properly penetrate the large void and raise the concrete slabs.

Given the high density and slow cure solution, Expert Concrete Raising worked with the client to test the surface area to ensure forklifts could successfully operate without the concrete slabs shifting. The project was a success, and operations continued without issue. A strategic and unique solution made possible by targeted polyurethane concrete raising services!

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