Raising, Filling, and Stabilization

Safety. Longevity. Results.

The Midwest is home to four spectacular seasons, which also means multiple periods of freezing and unthawing. This cycle causes the ground to constantly move up and down causing havoc on concrete levels, not to mention safety and accessibility concerns.


The Midwest landscape also lends itself to varying soil types, in addition to inconsistent use by contractors when applying soil for backfilling and compaction. This is especially true on new residential and commercial projects.


The solution? A cost effective repair that is non-intrusive and has a lasting effect. Expert Concrete Raising uses a proven industry process and product - polyurethane foam. By drilling a 5/8” hole in the concrete and injecting a 2 part mixture, expansion occurs to lift the concrete back into place. The cured material is very light weight which puts little to no weight burden on the soils that previously settled. The results? Level, sustainable, and safe concrete.



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